Asset Management

Product Portfolio Brochure

When used together, Connected Office, Connected Controller and Connected Machine solutions revolutionize the way construction is done and create the Trimble Connected Site. The Trimble Connected Site transforms the construction industry by utilizing technology to improve efficiency and productivity, while minimizing waste and expense. With the potential to save time and cost at every stage, and virtually eliminate some steps in the plan design, construct and operate process, the Trimble Connected Site can improve the efficiency and sustainability of construction projects, resulting in the earlier completion of a higher quality project at a lower cost.

Asset Management

The VisionLink™ fleet, asset and site productivity management solution from Trimble tells you where your equipment is, what it’s doing and how it’s performing. VisionLink features user-friendly management tools combined with GPS-based positioning and wireless technology hardware to provide near real-time equipment, material and site productivity information. Click here to contact us for more information.

The TrimFleet TrimView™ system is a fleet management solution designed specifically for the ready mixed concrete market. The fully automated TrimFleet TrimView system shows dispatchers real-time location and status information for each vehicle in your fleet. You can also send and receive messages, generate reports and adjust schedules. Click here to contact us for more information.

The Trimble® TrimTrac® Pro Locator is a cost-effective asset management device for construction companies and equipment rental companies. Click here to contact us for more information.

The rugged SNM940 Connected Site® Gateway enables the Trimble Connected Machine for faster, more intelligent ways to work. Click here to contact us for more information.