Machine Control Systems

Product Portfolio Brochure

Trimble and Caterpillar® have co-developed the most advanced and robust portfolio of GPS machine control and guidance systems in the industry. These systems leverage our shared expertise in machine control and guidance technologies, Trimble’s expertise in data management, software, positioning and jobsite infrastructure and Caterpillar’s expertise in heavy equipment in the construction industry. Cat AccuGrade™ and Trimble Grade Control Systems have been designed to be fully compatible at the site level—utilizing the same data structure and format, the same user interface in cab and in the office and the same GNSS and Total Station-based site infrastructure. Only our machine control is flexible enough to let you equip your entire fleet—excavators, dozers, scrapers, graders, trimmers, milling machines, compactors, pavers and more—with fully upgradeable GPS technology for heavy equipment.

At SITECH Allegheny, our machine control systems are the products of a collaborative partnership between Trimble®, known for innovative technology and software solutions for the construction industry, and Caterpillar® — the world’s most recognized name in heavy equipment. Together, these leaders have created the most advanced portfolio of GPS and grade control systems in the industry.

Cat® and Trimble machine control systems all use the same data structures, format, user interface, GNSS data and more to give you site-level compatibility in the cab and at the office. These machine control systems are flexible, designed for use with your entire fleet, including:

  • Pavers
  • Dozers
  • Graders
  • Scrapers
  • Trimmers
  • Excavators
  • Compactors
  • Milling machines

SITECH Allegheny is the regional distributor for the entire catalog of Trimble products, offering increased accuracy, productivity and safety while lowering operating costs. We leverage our experience with advanced equipment controls and technologies to match our customers with the right solutions for upgrading their operations.

GPS and Grade Control Systems for Construction Equipment

We offer a range of 2D and 3D technologies suited for use on virtually any piece of compact or heavy construction equipment. These systems are all fully upgradeable, allowing prioritization of upgrades and simple installation of improvements later on. Depending on the application, you can use these technologies to improve precision on the job, increase your efficiency with resources, shave time off projects and much more:

  • Compact machine grading solutions: Spectra Precision® grade lasers offer incredible control over equipment positioning to reduce setup time and increase operational speed. These lasers are especially useful for jobs requiring setup at multiple target sites.
  • Flex™ excavation machine controls: Trimble FGCSFlex™ and CCSFlex™controls are affordable systems, ideal for small to mid-size excavation jobs. This technology offers precise control over depth, angle and more, helpful for everything from digging a shallow utility trench to carving out a foundation.
  • GCS900 control solutions: This upgradeable technology is suited for a range of heavy and compact equipment and often used in conjunction with other Trimble products. For improved performance, these systems offer an array of 2D, 3D and connected-site components for precision control over bulk earth removal, achieving an excellent grade.
  • Cat AccuGrade controls: These systems are made for use with Cat machines and offer up to 40% more productivity with dozers, motor graders, excavators and compactors. AccuGrade systems come with cross slope, laser, sonic, GPS and ATS technologies, all as standard features.
  • Controls for drilling and piling: Improve safety, efficiency and productivity with solutions made for use with most drilling and piling machines. The Trimble DPS900 series and CCS900 make excellent additions to construction projects by reducing setup time, maximizing component life and achieving a precise depth.

Advanced GPS Machine Control Systems

If you would like to achieve higher levels of precision, control and productivity, we can help. SITECH is your source for Trimble products made for civil construction applications in Central and Western Pennsylvania, Western Maryland and Northwest Virginia. For more information or expert help selecting the right Trimble product to match your project and equipment, contact SITECH Allegheny today.