Site Positioning Systems

Site Positioning Systems Brochure

Trimble® Site Positioning Systems give contractors targeted tools for every person on the jobsite; work at every stage is performed faster, with fewer errors and less material costs. Our solutions combine positioning and communications technology with office and in-field software developed specifically for contractors. Simply select the best solution for each role or job function on the jobsite, and the rest is easy. It is all connected, scalable, and cost-effective.

From the field, truck, or office, any person on the construction site can be connected and equipped with accurate positioning, consistent digital design information and the ability to locate, measure and record information. Contractors can share information, track results instantly, make smarter decisions, and manage multiple jobsites with ease.

Trimble® Site Positioning Systems connect everyone on the job with advanced land surveying technology. At SITECH Allegheny, we distribute the full line of surveying technology by Trimble, improving job site communication and giving contractors the ability to make smarter decisions with access to more information. Using these systems, personnel in the office and the field can share and track results, leveraging data from numerous contributors across multiple projects in real-time.

These systems are cost-effective and scalable, with minimal introductory equipment requirements and a range of upgrades available for adding capabilities when they fit into the budget. Whether in the office, on a truck or in the palm of your hand, Trimble surveying technology can help you increase the speed, efficiency and accuracy of virtually any construction project, with features designed to help contractors:

  • Meet tight specifications
  • Transfer data to other users
  • Eliminate errors and rework
  • Reduce material and labor costs

Trimble Land Surveying Technology

From software in the office to tools at the ground level, Trimble Site Positioning Systems utilize advanced communications and positioning technology with specialized software designed specifically for use by contractors in surveying operations. Developing the right configuration depends on the job, and systems can be changed to suit new roles or functions with new enhancements at any point during ownership.

Controllers and Software

For personnel in the field, Trimble offers rugged controllers made to withstand use on construction sites and software systems to increase efficiency and productivity. Options include:

  • The Trimble Tablet: This tablet is ideal for supervisors and managers who want to gain a complete perspective of the job site. It’s Microsoft®-compatible and adapted for use with the SCS900 Site Controller Software. It’s also easy to navigate and uses a wireless connection to sync with total stations or GNSS antennas.
  • The TSC3 controller: The TSC3 is rugged, handheld and connects to GNSS antennas and total stations using 3G wireless technology. It’s lightweight, water-resistant and impact-resistant. It also has standard features like a long battery life, GPS and a built-in camera.

GNSS Receivers and Supporting Infrastructure

With the Trimble SPS985 Smart Antenna and SPS855 Modular Receiver, the entire connected team can gain the advantage of precision measurement, whether in a permanent or semi-permanent location. These antennas mount right to a truck and disconnect easily for use on a pole. Trimble 450 Series Radios and Site Network Base 900 solutions improve job site communication with GPS and GNSS-based position data using base, rover and repeater options.

SPS Series Total Stations

Total stations provide precision one-person 3D mapping capabilities, excellent for use alone or combined with GNSS systems on larger projects. These systems offer long scanning ranges and are ideal for taking accurate measurements in dangerous or inaccessible areas. Trimble Total Stations include:

  • SPS630, SPS730 and SPS930: Universal Total Stations pair with our controllers and software to provide a range of measurement from a single device with 3Hz scanning over 1km of range.
  • SPS620 and SPS720: Robotic Total Stations are cost-effective solutions for measuring hazardous areas, and they offer 5mm accuracy for meeting tight specifications.

Trimble Site Positioning Systems

SITECH Allegheny is your source for an extensive selection of Trimble Site Positioning Systems for land surveying and construction. For help designing a configuration or to learn more, connect with us today!