Construction Laser Tools

Need a tool to withstand tough jobsite conditions? Spectra Precision Laser Level products are rough, reliable and simple to use. No matter the jobsite application, SITECH Allegheny can pair you with the laser levels needed to get the most accurate data — reducing errors and downtime. Improve efficiency with Spectra Precision’s comprehensive laser portfolio. Browse the laser selection below to find Laser Levels, Grade Lasers, Pipe Lasers, Interior Lasers, and Receivers. Get the right laser for the right job.

If you’re looking to increase productivity, accuracy and efficiency on the job site, SITECH Allegheny has the solutions you need with an extensive selection of Construction Tools by Spectra Precision®, Nikon, CST/Berger and other leading manufacturers. These products are durable, designed for use by contractors and able to withstand impact, water, dirt and the demanding use typical on most construction sites. From surveying to general building projects, these tools deliver precision position and tracking capabilities for working faster and smarter while making informed decisions.

Regardless of the project, these cost-effective solutions offer benefits for virtually any application, enabling contractors on jobs of any size and scope to:

  • Increase productivity: Optical and laser level survey equipment shaves time off construction projects with fast setup and simple, easy to learn operation along with accurate readings.
  • Improve accuracy: Using laser levels, laser receivers and other tools, a single user can obtain precise measurements outdoors and within interior spaces.
  • Stay on the budget: Improved measurement accuracy means eliminating errors, keeping profit margins higher and preventing interruption of your project schedule.
  • Keep to the schedule: Faster, more accurate surveying with a construction level laser enables the whole team to operate faster and get the job done right the first time.

Construction Level Lasers

Spectra Precision laser level surveying equipment is rugged, dependable and suited for use on active construction sites. These products are available in four designs to suit various jobs, with a range of individual models to choose from for matching your precise needs. Spectra Precision Level Lasers include:

  • Level lasers: These lasers are made for single-person operation and come with a choice of Trimble construction laser receivers based on preference.
  • Grade lasers: Grade lasers are available in single- and dual-grade options to meet a range of requirements, and they come with self-leveling as a standard feature.
  • Interior lasers: Interior/Horizontal Vertical Lasers perform a variety of vertical, horizontal and plumb applications with bright beams for easy readability in all conditions.
  • Pipe lasers: Spectra Precision Pipe Lasers are the perfect solution for laying pipes, with range enough to reach between maintenance holes to keep the ideal rate of fall.

Optical Surveying Instruments

SITECH Allegheny offers optical surveying equipment from Spectra Precision and Nikon to match the demands of your project and operating budget. If you need to measure horizontal and vertical angles with incredible precision, we have Theodolites available that are suited for a range of applications. Auto levels stay level regardless of ground movement, shifts in temperature and operator interference. With a fast setup, these modern devices are perfect for checking horizontal planes and measuring angles over short or long distances.

Laser Distance Meters

Spectra Precision Laser Distance Meters deliver fast and accurate measurements of large distances. These devices offer intuitive design and require virtually no training to operate. Options are available for indoor application as well as rugged outdoor use on construction sites. Laser distance meters work over water, cluttered spaces and other areas where tape measures are impractical.

Advanced Laser Level Surveying Equipment for Construction

Gain greater precision and productivity with advanced cost-effective solutions suited for interior and exterior use. To see which products are the best match for your needs, contact an experienced rep at SITECH Allegheny today.