Asphalt Paving Solutions

Trimble® paving solutions offer road building solutions from concept to completion; whether you are building a new road or resurfacing an old one, Trimble solutions will help you build a better surface, reduce material use, and significantly improve your productivity.

Trimble applies advanced positioning technologies to make all phases of heavy and highway construction more productive and precise. The more you use Trimble paving solutions, the more productive and profitable your paving operation will be.

PCS900 Paving Control System

The Trimble® PCS900 Paving Control System is an easy-to-use 3D asphalt paving solution that allows contractors to increase paving accuracy and smoothness while minimizing asphalt usage. The Trimble PCS900 system lets the contractor pave to a 3D design without a reference surface or stringline. It is used in production paving applications such as highways, state roads, airports and large commercial surfaces. Click here to contact us for more information.

PCS400 Paving Control System

The Trimble PCS400 Paving Control System is a non-contact paving system that gives you greater flexibility in sensors and greater control over the mat. The PCS400 system employs superior Trimble sensor technology to reference off a stringline or a surface with greater accuracy and smoothness. The graphical displays of two Trimble CB440 Control Boxes allow paver operators to quickly view, understand and control the settings and measurements of grade and slope for increased productivity. Click here to contact us for more information.

PCS900 & PCS400 Components

Trimble SPS930 Universal Total Station (PCS900) – The Trimble SPS930 Universal Total Station is accurate to one arc second in the vertical and horizontal angles, making it ideal for paving operations where the accuracy tolerance is very tight. It provides greater range and accuracy than other laser-based 3D solutions, is easier to set up, has a 45 degree tracking angle and is more stable in windy weather conditions. Finally, a contractor can use the same total station to gradecheck the laid mat or for other measurement requirements on the job site. Click here to contact us for more information.

Trimble MT900 Machine Target (PCS900) – A 360-degree ring of infrared tracking LED’s allows the Trimble SPS930 Universal Total Station to track the Trimble MT900 Machine Target from any horizontal location and up to 1:1 or 100% slope.

The Trimble MT900 Machine Target uses active tracking technology to eliminate the potential for false lock onto other reflective surfaces. Unlike laser-fan based 3D paving solutions, the target of the paver does not loose lock when passing close by the reference station (SPS930). The accuracy of the optical total station results in increased productivity and less paving rework. Click here to contact us for more information.

Trimble CB440 Control Box (PCS900 & PCS400) – Operators control the PCS900 & PCS400 systems with the easy-to-use and large display of the Trimble CB440 Control Box. The operator has the choice to control the paver with either one or two CB440s. A key strength of the CB440 is that one unit can easily control both sides of the paver – the split-screen feature allows paving operators to easily monitor both sides of the screen with one operator. The dual lightbars on the box can be monitored easily from a distance in bright daylight. Using the graphical displays of the Trimble CB440 Control Boxes, paver operators can quickly understand, view and control the settings and measurements of grade and slope. The result will be a reduction of operator errors and higher operator satisfaction. Click here to contact us for more information.

Trimble CB460 Control Box (PCS900) – The Trimble CB460 Control Box is used to set-up the 3D system before the paver starts moving. Using the CB460, the contractor can upload design files, set alignment and vertical offsets and control the connection to the Universal Total Station.

The CB460 Control Box delivered with a PCS900 system can run both the GCS900 Grade Control System and PCS900 Paving Control System software, allowing the contractor to move the system between different machine types without additional costs. Click here to contact us for more information.

Trimble AS200 Angle Sensor (PCS900 & PCS400) – This Trimble slope sensor, the AS200, is designed to cope with the vibrations and the high temperatures on the asphalt paving screed. It has a measurement range of +/- 10 degrees. In-field experience has shown that the sensor has no problem maintaining 0.5% slopes, consistently and accurately. Click here to contact us for more information.

Trimble CS200 Contact Sensor (PCS900 & PCS400) – The Trimble CS200 Contact Sensor mechanically traces a surface or stringline. The CS200 Contact Sensor is supplied with a small surface beam and wand sensing tube to trace stringline. Click here to contact us for more information.

Trimble ST200 Sonic Tracer (PCS900 & PCS400) – The Trimble ST200 Sonic Tracer uses sonic beam technology that allows the system to ignore irregularities that decrease accuracy, such as stones, grate inlets, shovels or workers’ feet.

While tracking a stringline, the ST200 is highly accurate over 25 centimeters (10 inches) width range, unlike single sonic tracers. Moreover, if the ST200 notices an increase in the horizontal offset from the stringline, the operator interface will warn the operator to adjust steering before contact with the stringline is lost. Click here to contact us for more information.