SPS Series Total Stations

Site Positioning Systems Brochure

Trimble Site Positioning Total Stations provide very high accuracy, high performance one-person 3D positioning. Trimble SPS930, SPS730 and SPS630 Universal Total Stations provide the greatest range for robotic and reflectorless operation, the fastest update rates, and the tightest accuracy available to meet the needs of the highest precision measurement, stakeout or machine control functions on-site. Equipped with high speed 3Hz scanning and long range (over 2 kilometers or 1.2 miles) DR Plus reflectorless measurement capability, they are well suited for rapid surface and stockpile scanning, and ideal for operations in inaccessible areas or areas where safety is an operational concern.

Trimble Total Stations are ideal for:

  • Smaller sites or combined with GNSS on larger sites
  • Tasks where the accuracy requirements are very tight: 3 millimeter (0.01 feet)
  • Measuring dangerous or inaccessible locations
  • High precision machine control and guidance

SPS Series Total Stations

The Trimble® SPS630, SPS730 and SPS930 Universal Total Stations can tackle any measurement, stakeout or machine control task on the job site— all from the same instrument. Universal Total Stations are packed with market leading features such as:

  • Long life integrated batteries for a full day of interrupted work
  • Bluetooth for cable free operation
  • Choice of Trimble TSC3, Trimble Tablet, and TCU controllers to suit your site needs
  • Intuitive SCS900 Site Controller Software
  • Optional machine control mode

These features make the Universal Total Stations easy to use for all your jobsite needs. No matter what job you are doing, SPS total stations will deliver unmatched user experience, all round capability and incredible results. Click here to contact us for more information.

The Trimble SPS620 and SPS720 Robotic Total Stations offer a high performance, but cost-effective solution for job sites that do not need a total station for machine control. Contractors needing a high quality total station for machine control should select the Trimble SPS930, SPS730, or SPS630 Universal Total Station.

They are very well suited for use on:

    • Smaller construction sites or combined with GNSS on larger sites
    • Tasks where the accuracy requirements are very tight: 5 millimeters (0.02 feet)

vMeasuring dangerous or inaccessible locations

Rework can halt operations and cost millions of dollars to fix. Traditional methods of tunnel production blasting required manual measurement of as—blasted results and often resulted in lengthy delays and machine stoppages for locating underbreak (areas that require additional blasting) or overbreak (areas that have had too much material blasted). Underbreak requires secondary excavation; overbreak often must be replaced by concrete and can lead to rock instability that is even more costly to fix.

Using the Trimble® Tunnel Construction Solution, contractors can quickly, safely and accurately monitor progress in real-time, and report accurate as-built information for project sign-off. Click here to contact us for more information.