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The Trimble Connected Office solution allows contractors to create 3D construction models, perform data preparation and takeoff, wirelessly sync data, monitor site productivity, and manage fleets and assets. The 3D design model created in the office can be sent to machines and controllers in the field, increasing efficiency, reducing rework and saving money. Additionally, a complete view of site productivity including materials quantity and movement, volume and compaction data, and fleet and asset management information can be shared across the organization to enable rapid decision-making and better communication.

Construction Software

As the trusted regional distributor for construction technology from Trimble®, SITECH Allegheny is your source for the complete suite of integrated software solutions for 3D model development, site activity and material movement monitoring, fleet and asset management and much more. Trimble construction project software uses wireless and Wi-Fi connections to communicate data, designs and more between the office and the job site in real-time.

Trimble construction field management software systems can be connected across your organization and encourage collaborative input from the entire team, including users in the field and managers in the corporate office. With access to detailed analytics, location information and more, managers can make informed decisions that best utilize their resources to increase productivity, eliminate rework and maximize profits.

Construction Management Software for Builders and Contractors

Whether you’re looking for construction project management software for a small business or a system capable of managing large fleets over multiple job sites, SITECH Allegheny has you covered. Trimble offers several independent software systems that you can easily integrate into your system all at once or individually as the budget allows.

Data Preparation and Takeoff

The following software solutions can help with your data preparation:

  • Trimble Business Center — HCE: This software delivers powerful design tools you can use to develop 3D models that are accurate and integrated for use in surveying and building construction. Business Center — HCE will let you see your design before starting work, providing accurate data for quantity takeoffs and project costs. This software will give you a comprehensive view of projects before you break ground, during construction and after project completion.
  • Terramodel: Terramodel harvests data from Trimble controllers in the field to develop calculations for azimuth, point position, distance and other COGO functions for use in road construction. This software includes CAD functionality and a 3D visualizer — perfect for viewing designs over topographical maps.
  • Trimble SiteVision: SiteVision is an augmented reality system that will place your design over the landscape for increased spatial understanding. This system is essential for grading and compacting operations, delivering value from the concept phase through completion.

Asset Management Software

Consider the following software solutions for your asset management:

  • VisionLink: Gain an up to the moment understanding of equipment condition, status and location with VisionLink, a user-friendly system that will utilize GPS and wireless technology for communication with your fleet.
  • TrimFleet TrimView: This ELD-compliant software is exclusively used for the mixing industry, delivering real-time vehicle location and status data for the entire delivery cycle, from leaving the lot to completing the pour.
  • TrimTrac: TrimTrac is a personal asset tracking device with GPS technology and a built-in motion sensor delivered in a compact size. These devices are perfect for tracking equipment that’s on loan or rented out.


The Trimble Connected Community provides construction businesses with a secure website to share and manage data with authorized users. With Trimble equipment, software or a mobile device, users at any location can collaborate on projects. Connected Community construction project software offers incredible transparency and can be made visible to clients and partners.

Cost-Effective Construction Field Management Software Solutions

Trimble has all the software solutions you need to prepare for jobs, monitor progress and assess completed projects for areas to improve. Whether for general construction or developing a highway, SITECH Allegheny is your partner for Trimble software solutions, including installation, training and ongoing support. If you want more information, give us a call at (855) 417-0290 to speak with an experienced representative.