SITECH Allegheny has created courses that will provide users with the knowledge needed to utilize Trimble equipment at all levels. Need training on-site? Not a problem. Qualified instructors are available by appointment to train groups at your office or the jobsite.

SITECH Allegheny 2015-2016 Course Catalog

SITECH Allegheny offers comprehensive training programs for grade checkers, machine operators, site supervisors and office/management personnel.

  • 101 Base & Rover Fundamentals
  • 102 Base & Rover Advanced
  • 103 Fundamentals of UTS
  • 104 Road Stakeout
  • 105 2D Machine Control
  • 106 GNSS Machine Control
  • 107 UTS Machine Control
  • 201 3D Machine Control Advanced
  • 202 Field & Office Utilities
  • 203 GNSS Base / Rover Troubleshooting
  • 204 GNSS Grade control Troubleshooting
  • 205 UTS Grade control Troubleshooting

Eastern PA

Barry Schaefer.
Trimble Certified Trainer
Product Support and Training
Office 855.417.0290

Western PA

Todd Pollock
Trimble Certified Trainer
Product Support and Training
Office 855.417.0290

Additional Programs include:

  • Trimble Business Center – HCE from take-off to construction and back for as-built finals
  • SCS900—Site management software for use on jobsite data collectors
  • Onsite operator training for all 2D and 3D applications

Group or individual training can be conducted at SITECH or on the jobsite and is tailored to suit customer requirements.

Contact SITECH Allegheny at (855) 417-0290 for prices and additional information.