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To be competitive today you need to realize all the productivity available from your machines and operators. Maximizing productivity means getting more work done faster from the same equipment and operators — or from fewer machines — which allows you to bid more competitively, and see more profitability from those bids.

The smartest way to increase your machine productivity is with technology-enhanced grade control systems… a category invented by Trimble. As the innovator and leader, Trimble offers you the most complete line of grade control systems in the industry.

From laser to sonic to 3D, Trimble systems are rugged, easy to use, fully upgradeable and flexible enough to meet a wide range of application and jobsite requirements.

Construction Technology

SITECH Allegheny offers cost-effective technology solutions from Trimble®, Caterpillar® and other innovative partners for the civil and general construction sectors. As the trusted regional solutions provider, we’re your local source for products that can offer a range of advantages for your fleet and business. Our professional team leverages years of experience, engineering knowledge and the backing of leading brands to provide expert:

  • Sales: We distribute a wide range of products for improving efficiency, increasing productivity, reducing downtime and much more.
  • Support: Our Level 3 service center is equipped for providing complete maintenance, installation, device calibration and other services.
  • Training: Either at SITECH Allegheny or your location, we’ll make sure your whole team knows how to get the most from our products.

Many of the advanced construction technology solutions we provide are adapted for use with machines made by any manufacturer and can integrate seamlessly into a diverse fleet. From machine controls for achieving a perfect grade to software delivering a comprehensive view of your fleet and assets, we’ll find the right solutions for getting the job done on time and to specification — all while making the best use of your resources.

Construction Management Technology

Whether a device is part of the Trimble family of Connected Site® Solutions or a product from one of the other construction technology companies we’re partnered with, these tools deliver an incredible array of advantages. These advanced construction technology solutions are suitable for virtually any project and include:

  • Machine control systems: We offer advanced Trimble and Cat® machine control systems designed to harness the complete capabilities of your fleet and achieve precision accuracy for paving, grading, compacting and more.
  • Paving control systems: SITECH Allegheny is your source for advanced road construction engineering technology, including products for enhancing milling, paving and compaction. From concept to completion, these products ensure a perfect grade and eliminate re-work.
  • Site positioning systems: Trimble land surveying technology equips users in the field with advanced tools for meeting tight specifications while enabling data transfer between the office and all connected users. As a result, it improves job site communication.
  • Software solutions: Gain a comprehensive view of your equipment, operations and assets using management and engineering software from Trimble. We offer solutions for creating 3D models, estimating exact quantity take-offs, promoting collaboration and much more.
  • Fleet and asset management: Trimble fleet and asset management software delivers more than a precise equipment location, offering deep insights into equipment performance, asset condition and much more so that you can make smart decisions.
  • Construction tools: Whether for surveying or general construction, construction tools from Spectra Precision®, Nikon and other recognized brands deliver the highest levels of accuracy to improve the speed, quality and profitability of projects of any size.

Cost-Effective Construction Technology and Software Solutions

At SITECH Allegheny, we offer solutions for construction businesses of any size interested in taking more control over their operations. Our experienced representatives cover a large territory spanning Western and Central Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia and Western Maryland. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact us today!