Paving Control Systems

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Trimble® paving solutions are designed for today’s competitive environment. Whether you are building a new road or resurfacing an old one, Trimble solutions will help you build a better surface, reduce material use and significantly improve your productivity. Trimble components are built to withstand the heat, steam, tamping and vibration that are the norm on milling machines, pavers and compactors. The more you use Trimble GPS paving control solutions, the more productive and profitable your operation will be. And while the Trimble system durability prevents downtime, SITECH Allegheny ensures that training and support are always close at hand.

Increase the speed and precision of your paving operations with technology by Trimble®, a leader in software solutions for the road construction industry. SITECH Allegheny is your source for a selection of Trimble paving solutions. These control systems will help you create a better road surface, improve material efficiency, reduce downtime and virtually eliminate the chance for rework. Whether you’re resurfacing an existing road or paving a commercial airstrip, you’ll find that these paving products are made for each step of the process.

These paving controls are durable against heat, steam and vibration. Depending on the device, they’re also compatible for use with:

  • Asphalt pavers
  • Milling machines
  • Asphalt compactors

Asphalt Paving, Milling and Compaction Solutions

From the initial design to the last pass with a compactor, Trimble paving solutions create better road foundations and finished surfaces. These systems offer excellent performance as standalone additions to a vehicle fleet, and they compound in value when they’re used in conjunction with one another for a project. At SITECH Allegheny, we offer several paving control systems for sale, each with additional components for increasing product capabilities.

  • Asphalt milling solutions: The Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System attaches to a milling machine for the enhanced ability to mill at an adjustable depth and slope and prepare sub-surfaces. With this system equipped, you can easily manage transitions, elevated curves, drainage slopes and longitudinal waves without undulations or imperfections.
  • Asphalt paving solutions: Trimble offers two solutions for increasing paving accuracy and achieving a smooth surface. For large-scale projects, the PCS900 follows 3D designs without surface contact or stringlines, offering massive reductions in project completion time. The PCS400 relies on surface contact or stringlines with a dual-display system, allowing simple operator control and instant adjustments.
  • Asphalt compaction solutions: Trimble compaction solutions ensure consistent compaction and target density while helping achieve more efficiency with roll patterns. The CCSFlex™ Compaction Control System offers pass count mapping with multiple upgrades. For increased capability, the CCS900 detects obstructions and imperfections before final paving, storing data from the project along the way.

Trimble construction technologies are suitable for use with paving equipment made by any manufacturer. Additional components for select Trimble paving control systems include:

  • Control boxes: With CB440 and CB460 Control Boxes, operators can view drum position in real-time, see how it compares to the initial 3D drawing or predetermined vertical offset and make instant adjustments. These handheld displays are made for hard use and trusted to keep working on the longest days.
  • Tracking technology: The SPS930 Universal Total Station is tripod-mounted and made to track a Trimble MT900 Prism device mounted to a machine. Ignoring strobes, reflective objects and passing vehicles, the SPS930 communicates with equipment for precision control and operation.
  • Sensing technology: Achieve an accurate slope with the AS200 Angle Sensor, offering a measurement range between +/- 10° with .5° accuracy. The CS200 Contact Sensor traces surface contact and stringlines for precision elevation and alignment.

Trimble Paving Control Systems for Sale

At SITECH Allegheny, we offer Trimble paving solutions for operations of any size, with training, support and professional installation available. To learn more, contact us today.